Tips for New Hikers

The artistry of hiking is that the sports are more a state of mind than a discipline. There is no standard that establishes a hike. It is either a half-mile or 3,000 miles, one-way, an out-and-back or a loop. The only loose rules that can think about hiking is that make a loose plan, select a route to follow, bring along essentials for staying comfortable en route. Anyone can hike start from little kids to grandparents and great-grandparents. 

Getting Started

Locally start to hike. Start to walk for a half-hour during the day if you haven’t done a lot of recreational walking. Choose a destination, determine the safest, most scenic way to get there. Selecting a route is part of hiking and keeping track of where to go and how long to be out. 

Pace Yourself

The goal of hiking is to be able to keep moving at a steady pace for the duration of the walk, remember hiking is not a racing. There are times to stop for food and water break or to enjoy the good view, but to stop for so long, may not cover much distance. No need to walk fast but keep in mind that there are a planned route and an estimated time to finish the project.

It’s all about the Shoes

Choose a comfortable shoe with a cushioned sole. It is great to have running shoes for day hikes. The shoe must be completely flat soles like tennis or basketball shoe with a good tread and is relatively light. The standard of thumb is that each pound to wear on the feet is equivalent to five pounds carried on the back. Better to choose a shoe that weighs less than three pounds a pair unless you will walk on the snow a shoe made of mesh can be wear. Importantly, for the shoes is that they are a stable platform that allows to balanced and nimble on uneven terrain.

Sock it to me

Additionally, having a good shoe must also have a good sock. Whether to wear wool, synthetic, or a blend. Most hikers use cotton socks which they easily tend to bunch, that may cause a blister. Also if they get wet it dries out longer. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes

As long as comfortable almost any kind of clothes to wear. Basically, the hiking apparel includes longish shorts to cover the thighs from the sun, long pants, and a shirt. Preferably, synthetic materials are better for they are light, stain resistant, and don’t soak up water.

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